We love caring for your pet.

A friendly receptionist answers our phone, our technical staff is sophisticated and compassionate, and our talented veterinarians always listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Each staff member is committed to the health and well-being of your pet.

Meet Our Team

The dedicated veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and care coordinators that make AMC special.

Donna Solomon, DVM Veterinarian
Photo of Donna Solomon, DVM
Pamela Janik, DVM Veterinarian
Photo of Pamela Janik, DVM
Tim England, DVM Veterinarian
Photo of Tim England, DVM
Meg Ogishi, DVM Veterinarian
Photo of Meg Ogishi, DVM
Elaine Simpson, DVM Veterinarian
Photo of Elaine Simpson, DVM
Nick Anderson Hospital Administrator
Photo of Nick Anderson
Jessica, CVT Technician
Photo of Jessica, CVT
Erin, CVT Technician
Photo of Erin, CVT
Melissa, CVT Technician
Photo of Melissa, CVT
Natalie, CVT Technician
Photo of Natalie, CVT
Tiffany, CVT Technician
Photo of Tiffany, CVT
Danielle, CVT Technician
Photo of Danielle, CVT
Debbie Assistant
Photo of Debbie
Molly Assistant
Photo of Molly
Hannah Assistant
Photo of Hannah
Fabi Assistant
Photo of Fabi
Deb Assistant
Photo of Deb
Sandra Care Coordinator
Photo of Sandra
Lina Care Coordinator
Photo of Lina
Kaitlyn Care Coordinator
Photo of Kaitlyn
Kelsey Care Coordinator
Photo of Kelsey
Nikki Care Coordinator
Photo of Nikki