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Your Pet’s Dental Day

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your pet. At Animal Medical Center, your pet’s safety is our first concern. All patients will receive a thorough examination and pre-operative blood work prior to your pet’s prophylactic dental cleaning. If abnormalities are detected, your doctor will contact you. Please make sure that you are

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Seven Dental Myths for Pets

I thought it would be fun to recognize February Pet Dental Health Month with seven of my favorite dental myths. Myth 1: When it comes to dental health, dry food is definitely better than canned food for your pet. For cats, this statement is false. In general, dry is not better for your cat’s oral health

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Invisible Dental Disease in Pets

Sometimes photographs tell a better story than words. Sometimes, together they tell the best story. One month ago, I examined an adorable six-year-old miniature long-haired dachshund named Daphne. She was happy and showing no signs of ill health. Here is a photograph of Daphne on the day of her examination. My physical examination revealed Daphne

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