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The Secretive Pet

In a recent focus group study presented at the January 2013 North American Veterinary Conference, veterinarians were asked if they found it challenging to diagnose medical conditions in dogs and cats. Fifty-seven percent of the veterinarians found it challenging to diagnose conditions in cats and 34 percent challenging in dogs. Now, imagine asking pet owners

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Heart Disease in Cats: A Silent Killer

Last week, a client brought her senior cat to have a pre-anesthetic blood test drawn by one of my certified veterinary technicians for a future dental procedure. Unexpectedly, this client also brought her recently adopted handsome young cat, named Apollo, for a nail trim. Since Apollo was a new patient to our clinic, my technician

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Indoor Cats Are Not Disease-Free

This past week I saw three different new clients with three elderly cats with the same history of gradual weight-loss and decreased appetite. Each of these clients, I discovered shortly, had not taken their pet to a veterinarian in over eight years. Two of the three cats had not seen a veterinarian since they were

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