Don’t Give a Dog a Bone

Frequently, while shopping for my dog's food, I often overhear shopkeepers tell pet owners that dogs in the wild eat bones and therefore, it is not only necessary but also essential to give them to our pets. I cringe every time I hear this false myth. So below is my grand attempt at trying to [...]

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Grain-Free Pet Food Trend a Hoax?

written by Donna Solomon, DVM Today I started thinking about the grain-free pet food trend that is currently in vogue. First, I wondered how this craze evolved. I know it definitely did not originate in the professional veterinary community. I speculate that this movement was triggered in part by a pet food company's advertising campaign [...]

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Don’t Let Strangers Feed Your Pet

A few days ago I saw a very sick Chihuahua named Bruno. His mother brought him to see me one morning after she was awoken at 4 a.m. to vomiting and explosive bloody diarrhea. While taking her pet's history, I asked her if Bruno had eaten anything it shouldn't have in the last few days. [...]

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Pet Obesity Is OUR Decision

This weekend I was driving on the Indiana Toll Road to Michigan and saw a large billboard with the following message: "Obesity is a disease. Obesity is not a decision." And I thought to myself, wouldn't it be wonderful if I could get all my medical information off billboards with catchy sayings. Unfortunately, life is [...]

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Demystifying the Cat Diet

Many times a day I hear the following question from my clients: What is the best food to feed my cat? My answer is always dependent on the age, body condition and health of the cat. However, for the average adult healthy cat, I recommend a canned diet with the following composition -- greater than [...]

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Pet Food Labels

Yesterday I was discussing with a conscientious dog owner her pet's diet. It instantly became clear to me that food labeling on pet's food can be confusing and potentially misleading. She told me that she feeds her dog "human-grade" dog food. But here's the problem: it is impossible to buy "human-grade" dog food. It just [...]

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Pet Food Labels 101

Do you know what you're feeding your pet? Do you make the best nutritional and value-based decision when choosing your pet food? Do you choose your pet food based on what a well-intentioned salesperson told you, or was it because you liked the look of the label? However you answered the above questions, I suspect [...]

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