pet insurance plans1

What to know

Pet insurance may help relieve a pet owner’s immediate financial burden of medical or surgical care for his/her dog or cat. Before selecting a pet insurance provider, you should consider the following:

  • Coverage – What procedures and services are covered and excluded? Does it include “well visits” or just “sick visits”.
  • Customer service – Will someone answer the phone if I call with an emergency?
  • Insurance premium – How much are monthly premiums? What is the deductible? Is the deductible per incidence or per year?

Animal Medical Center of Chicago does not endorse any specific insurance plan from any company. We have compiled a list of a few insurance services you may want to check out:

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance 
Pets Best 
PetFirst Pet Insurance 
Trupanion USA 
Nationwide Pet Insurance 
Figo Pet Insurance