Dog Friendly Areas of Chicago FAQ

1. What is the permit and tag fee? The permit and tag fee is a total of $5.00.

2. How long is the permit and tag good for? Any permit and registration tag will be valid only for a single season no matter when purchased. A single season is defined as the period running from January 1st of any year through December 31st of the same year.

3. Will there be a sliding scale for seniors or visitors? There will not be a sliding scale. Visitors must follow the same procedures for obtaining a permit and tag.

4. Where can I get a permit and tag? Permits and tags will only be available at participating Chicagoland veterinary offices. If you are an out-of-state resident you must also contact one of the participating Chicagoland veterinary offices to determine what paperwork is necessary to obtain the permit and tag. Most of these veterinarians will help those whose own vets are not participating. You should call them first to confirm that they will assist you and to determine how much they charge for an office visit.

5. When can I get a permit and tag? Permits and tags will be available at participating Chicago veterinary offices.

6. Will there be visitor or day passes? There are no visitor or day passes. Any visitor wishing to bring their pet to a Chicago Park District Dog Friendly Area (DFA) must follow the same procedures for obtaining a permit and tag.

7. What are the permit requirements? Pursuant to regulations under the Cook County Ordinance, dog owners must show:

(Current titers where applicable will also be acceptable) After issuance of a permit, the dog owner is responsible for keeping immunizations a thru above current.

8. Who will enforce the rules and regulations? The Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control will enforce DFA rules and regulations and issue tickets to violators.

Violators, along with the Chicago Park District, will face a possible fine of $500. Dog owners must carry their permits at all times when attending DFAs.

Each DFA will have a sign posted at the entrance stating all DFA rules and regulations.

9. What happens if I lose my permit or tag? If the Veterinarian has proof of original purchase, the Park District will supply a replacement tag.

10. Why do I need a permit or tag for my dog to enter a DFA? Pursuant to a regulation issued by the Administrator of the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control, all dogs entering a DFA must have a permit and registration tag from a licensed veterinarian. People who bring dogs into a Chicago Park District DFA must have both a permit with them and a registration tag for each dog. The registration tag must be on the dog’s collar or harness. The permit and registration tag may be used at any officially sanctioned Chicago Park District DFA. The tag helps other users of the Dog Friendly Areas be comfortable that your dog is healthy and helps you to see that their dog is healthy.

11. How does the Chicago Park District determine a location to develop a friendly area? The Chicago Park District does not seek out areas to develop Dog Friendly Areas. If a community decides they wish to have a DFA, they must follow the Guidelines for Developing a Dog Friendly Area.

12. Is there a cost for developing a dog friendly area? Yes. The Community is responsible for funding the cost which is at a minimum $150,000.