Animal Medical Center of Chicago is excited to offer Companion Therapeutic Laser Therapy!

Laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free and drug-free treatment to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and speed wound healing in our pets.  For some patients, this treatment modality may be used alone or in conjunction with traditional anti-inflammatory and pain medications. For those on medications, it may reduce their dependence on them. A positive [...]

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition voluntarily recalls canned dog food due to potentially elevated vitamin D levels

Dear Dog Owners, It was recently brought to our attention that some of Hill’s Prescription Diet canned DOG food and Hill’s Science Diet DOG canned foods have been voluntarily recalled by the company due to their discovery of elevated Vitamin D levels. Hyperlinked below is a list of recalled canned diet foods with their SKU and Lot [...]

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Caring for your healthy cat

Raising a healthy and happy cat can be both challenging and fun. We hope you find this information helpful!   1. Enrich your cat’s environment and mind. Enriching your cat’s environment can decrease their mental stagnation, increase physical activity and prevent many behavior problems caused by boredom. An enriched environment will give cats the opportunity [...]

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Grain-Free Diets and Heart Disease

Animal Medical Center of Chicago Position on Grain-Free Diets and Heart Disease The Food and Drug Administration recently announced they are investigating a potential link between grain-free diets and heart disease in dogs, called Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). Many veterinary cardiologists suspect the recent rise of heart disease in dogs may be related to a deficiency [...]

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Community Involvement

At Animal Medical Center of Chicago, we believe that we have a social responsibility to have a positive impact in our community. Every year, the entire staff gives back to the community by donating several free surgeries to local non-for-profit animal shelters and rescue organizations in the annual "Have-A-Heart" project. These 100% free surgeries have [...]

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Dog Registration

The Chicago City Clerk requires all dogs four months and older be registered with the City of Chicago. [Registration costs $5 annually for spayed or neutered animals and $50 for dogs that haven't been sterilized.]( ) If your dog is currently not registered, please do so as soon as possible in order to avoid a [...]

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Environmental Friendliness

The staff at Animal Medical Center of Chicago strives to limit their impact on the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling. We maintain the following practices to reduce our environmental footprint: Reduce We use a digital radiography system instead of a traditional film dependent radiography system to eliminate product waste and the use of hazardous [...]

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True Confessions of a Veterinarian

In my mind, I debated whether I wanted to publicly address the November 22, 2013 ABC 20/20 broadcast segment on "True Confessions of a Veterinarian." At first, I did not want to give this segment any more public attention. I silently wrote to ABC about my dismay at the producer's lack of fact checking skills [...]

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