Wellness Testing for Young Adult Dogs and Cats


Wellness Testing for Young Adults – Early Detection Profile

Dogs and cats are exceedingly skilled at hiding their illnesses from their owners. They can’t talk and often show no signs of an illness until something is terribly wrong.

So how do you know if your pet is hiding an illness? A yearly physical examination with Early Detection Bloodwork is the answer!

Just as it is for our own health, early detection is always the best policy. If a disease is caught early, your pet’s chance of a favorable response to appropriate treatment is higher – potentially, adding years to your pet’s life!

What is involved in Early Detection Testing?

A simple blood sample will be drawn from your pet’s blood vessel while they eat tasty treats! A complete blood cell count (CBC) and 7 panel biochemistry profile will be performed. If the results are all within the normal range, a certified veterinary technician will call you with results. If there are any abnormal results, a doctor will call you to discuss next investigative and treatment steps.

To encourage as many of our clients to do this important testing on their outwardly healthy pet under 8 years of age, we will be offering this Wellness testing at a significantly reduced cost of $99. This test can only be performed on pets that are up-to-date on their yearly AMCOC physical  examination and are not presenting with an illness.

Wellness Testing is simple and an effective way of monitoring your pet’s health. Early detection and correction of a medical problem may help ensure that your pet lives it’s best life – happy and healthy!

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